Home High Speed DSL

DSL w/1 year contract

1/6 Mbps $64.48/mo.
3/15 Mbps $81.66/mo.

DSL w/3 year contract

1/6 Mbps $52.98/mo.
3/15 Mbps $70.08/mo

Activation fee of $25.00 is waived if service is kept uninterrupted for six months. Also requires purchase of compatible DSL modem. DSL not available in all areas, please view service locations map to check your location.

Service Locations

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BEC High Speed 5200SRD Modem

BEC High Speed 5200SRD Modem

Price: $ 30.87

The BEC 5200S is an easy to use ADSL2 modem. Users can enjoy an High Speed ADSL Internet Connection with rich firewall security and user friendly web interface.

BEC 5200W Router

BEC 5200W Router

Price: $48.30

The BEC 5200W router is an "all-in-one" unit, combining an ADSL modem, ADSL router and Ethernet network switch, providing everything you need to get the machines on your network connected to the internet over your ADSL broadband connection.

Comtrend 4 Port Router

Comtrend 4 Port Router

Price: $60.89

The Comtrend ER-5840n Wireless-N Broadband Router can be used for home or office, allowing both wired and wireless connectivity simultaneously.

Linksys N300 Wi_Fi FTTH Router

Linksys N300 Wi_Fi FTTH Router

Price: $76.12

This router allows you to share network resources to various wired and wireless devices such as laptops, mobile devices and gaming consoles. The Linksys Wi-Fi Router N300 Simplicity, E900 security functions such as the SPI firewall to help protect your data and privacy online.

Business Services


These cost are approximate based on required charges and rates from NECA ASR guide. Subject to change.

Speed Price Installation
5 Mbps $454.99 $804.00
10 Mbps $597.83 $804.00
20 Mbps $890.24 $804.00
50 Mbps $1,444.72 $804.00
100 Mbps $2,474.13 $804.00

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